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Software Engineer - Cadence Design Systems

InspectAR app UX++

A multiplatform augmented reality app for visualizing information on circuit boards. I continue to improve the UI as the app life cycle continues.


InspectAR (originally by the company of the same name) takes the electronic design automation (EDA) design files for printed circuit boards (PCB's) and calibrates those designs to a physical board. Users can then overlay the information they need directly onto the board via AR to aid debug and repair. That info is augmented through component datasheets and collaboration tools. Available on PC/Mac/Android/iOS, used by hobbyists and Fortune 500 company engineers alike.

I was hired by InspectAR around March 2020. InspectAR was aquired by Cadence in August 2020.


  • UX Design - Everything I make is first designed around the user experience. How can I convey the usage and purpose of a tool without text? How can I decrease the time between trying to find a tool and using it. How would a user interpret this information, seeing as they don't know how it works yet? I use user stories to evaluate how the needs of our clientele could be met within the tool.
  • UI Design - Planned out and implemented the version 2.0 UI - made to take advantage of the desktop experience and maximize the screen space on mobile. I plan how new features will look, and improve the features we already have (beyond just the application).
  • Programming - Using my years of Unity3D experience, I program the UI for the application and make additions to the base functionaliy. Outside the app, I've programmed some of the user-facing features for our web application.
  • Teamwork - I continuously support the work of our marketing/customer service team through programming and even script editing expertise.

InspectAR App Website

Unity Developer - Adknown

20+ shipped mobile games

Design/Development/Art/Marketing for a new mobile game every 2 weeks. I did it all.


I worked at Adknown making games during 2019. Game developers there are responsible for developing and publishing a game every two weeks using tools and guidance from management. I made 22 games, publishing them on Android and iOS. I strived to develop for different genres to challenge myself. I also made a snapshot reel of the 22 games.


  • Design - Concepting the game and mocking it up on paper for managerial approval.
  • Programming - Beyond a template structure to handle UI screens and save data, all gameplay was programmed by me. Game loop, balance, AI, progression, and mission objectives were developed and iterated on to be challenging and compelling.
  • Art - We had access to the Unity Asset Store, but were responsible for the implementation of all art. I did my own 3D modeling/rigging/texturing/animation, sometimes 2D art/animation, but regularly modified any art assets to support the game's theme and design.
  • Sound - Mostly the modification of sound effects/background music to keep things cohesive and punchy
  • Publishing - I created marketing materials, such as app store imagery and ASO-based copy, to help the game become successful organically.
  • Teamwork - Beyond design advice and programming assistance, I also helped keep my peers on track by coordinating and fulfilling some of the administrative publication steps.

As part of getting into InspectAR, I talked to them extensively about the level generation system to make fair and scaleable patterns that don't feel repetitious during play. The game also had a special shop design and missions system that promotes daily check-ins and difficulty customization. If you want to hear more, feel free to contact me!

22 Game Demo Reel

Student - Sheridan College

Bachelor of Game Design

A 4 year program on the design and creation of games. The picture is of my final year capstone project that my team and I demoed at the national expo EGLX.



Godsend was an action platformer about possessing creatures, fighting them and completing objectives under a time limit. I was part of a team of 7, and primarily programmed the UI and AI.

  • Design - Responsible for the AI awareness/traveral/combat, scoring system, game loop
  • Programming - AI uses their abilities effectively close and at range, and have an awareness of the player character based on their mutual aggression levels

Bachelor of Game Design

A 4 year program featuring many aspects of game development (game design, level design, art, programming, sound, team management, and more).

Godsend Store Link

About Me

Efficiency & Communication

I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems.

Practical Problems

I'm driven to dissect micro-systemic problems and transplant in solutions. At every job I've ever had, I have recorded the inefficiencies that I or my coworkers face, devise solutions, and implement them (with managerial approval). I pay attention to how a department can improve their procedures and better support the staff. In the past, I've made proposals for new job positions, internal tools, administrative procedures, and more. I'm looking for companies that appreciate the care I put in.

Meet the dev!

Hailing for Kitchener, Ontario; I moved to St. John's, Newfoundland in 2020 for my job at Cadence. I'm always making things - video games, tabletop rpg's, Minecraft contraptions, and the like. I very much like goofs, so there's hidden references within my site (if you know what to look for). I'm always on Twitter, so follow me there for more regular updates.

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